More Threadless Support

I have another design posted on threadless. It's a redux of my work Format Feelings. You can vote for it here:

Thanks again,


Threadless and Video

I apologize. There's been a lack of posts. Yet my lack of blog action does not mean I have stopped working.
I've been creating a few other projects.
The first is a stop-motion video that should be done by mid November. I'll post it here when it's finished.

 Secondly, I've been getting involved on the website threadless.com. It's a community-driven clothing store where users can submit designs to be made into apparel. The more votes a design has, the more likely it will be made into clothing/accessories. If my design(s) are chosen, I will receive $2,200 per design chosen. I'll be posting designs periodically. If you could follow their respective links and vote for them, that would be grand.

The first link is for a tote bag based on my work Oouuttssiiddee. It has not been approved by the threadless moderators yet, but you should be able to vote for it starting this Monday, October 24.

Here's the official URL for you to spread throughout the internet:

Whether you vote, or vote and post a link on facebook, or vote and tattoo the URL on your body, I appreciate any support you give.